Brand magazines

Stand out from the digital crowd

So much more than a catalogue, a brand magazine elevates a company's level of reputation and influence.

Brand magazines are disrupting the NZ media landscape. Many of the world’s most exciting, trailblazing brands understand the merits of becoming their own publishing house … and not just online.

Scope Communications delivers the full range of services for publishing a brand magazine, from editorial strategy and story development to photography, design, printing, and sourcing talent. With former journalists and editors on the Scope Communications team, we create content that puts the art of good writing at the forefront. Whether you need us to do it all, or to work collaboratively with your marketing team, we have the skills and the networks to take you all the way to print.

Beautiful stories, interesting editorials, and a platform to share your messages come together in one stunning publication to give you the leading edge over your competitors.

Print magazines to take your brand to the next level