Know what to say and where to say it

Communications strategy

Tailored communications strategies to benefit both your business and your audience. We listen to your business objectives then identify audiences, channels, stakeholders, key messages, and assess any risks. We’ll work to deliver campaigns with the ‘wow’ factor – where conversations are triggered, relationships are established, and messages are memorable.

Community engagement

The difference between engagement and consultation is significant – true engagement involves a two-way conversation between an organisation and its stakeholders – where listening is the critical factor. Our community engagement work has helped clients establish mutually-beneficial relationships with stakeholders and navigate complex campaigns or launches.

Crisis communications

In times of crisis, protecting a company’s reputation is paramount. It’s essential to have steps in place to manage a bad situation when the media spotlight is shining on your organisation. We develop dynamic reputational risk plans and offer crisis communications planning, crisis management training and round-the-clock crisis communications support.