Story Discovery

with Scope Communications

Turn your stories into
powerful marketing tools

Uncover your brand’s newsworthy stories with the help of our expert journalists.
Optimise those stories for the web with the help of our SEO copywriters.
Build your 12-month story plan full of newsworthy and engaging stories for publications across your own channels or pitching to media.

In the Story Discovery package, you’ll get:

  • The guidance you need to uncover newsworthy stories and angles from within your organisation and your industry.
  • The ability to become your own publishing house by creating 12 months of bespoke story ideas that fulfil your marketing, search, and brand objectives.
  • A way to maximise the value of your content creation with the addition of SEO and keyword guidance.

Let us be your story detectives

Have you ever wondered why some brands are able to capture the attention of the media while others struggle to get noticed? Understanding what makes a good story and writing it well is the key to getting your story told and shared. Our team has years of experience working with media outlets in New Zealand and around the world, giving us unique insights into what makes a story newsworthy and how to craft it for maximum impact.

But it doesn’t stop there. Story Discovery considers more than traditional media channels when creating your story plan. We want you to become your own publishing house and control your narrative, so the story plan also delivers ways to boost your authority and visibility on Google search and social media. Our expert digital team will bring in SEO and user experience elements and well-researched keywords to increase the chances of your article being shared by reputable publications and ranking highly in search results.

Combining PR and SEO helps your brand gain greater visibility and credibility in the eyes of both journalists and search engines. And the better your rankings on Google, the better your chance of increasing traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, conversions.

How it works

We’ll work closely with you to identify your brand’s narrative power and develop a content strategy that speaks directly to your target audience. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a bespoke resource that can be delivered by your in-house team, or you can engage our writers to start sharing your stories with the world.

Story Discovery process:

  • Starting with an initial briefing, we’ll identify the most interesting angles from within your organisation and your industry.
  • We’ll then take your answers and carry out research to determine the most valuable areas to focus on.
  • Next is the workshop, where we dive deeper to ask more questions, uncover opportunities and determine what will make good stories.
  • After the workshop, we deliver a 12-month plan which includes a series of story angles and blog topics for owned media (i.e. your website, blog page or social pages) and earned media. For earned media stories, we’ll outline the potential media outlet to target.

We produce high-level angles only – not full media pitches. But we are happy to do this if you choose to engage us as your agency.  

Don’t let your brand stories go untold.
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About Scope Communications

Scope Communications is an award-winning communications and digital consultancy with years of experience working in media, media relations, reputation management and authentic storytelling. Our finely tuned marketing communications and digital know-how experience has helped brands – from small SMEs to large international companies – increase sales, improve stakeholder engagement, grow reputation and boost awareness.


During the Story Discovery workshop, we’ll dive into your organisation and industry to uncover the most newsworthy and interesting angles. We’ll cover your company and your people as well as your industry, competitors, and key messages. We’ll also conduct our own research on what is happening within the industry.

Telling your brand story is about more than generating media coverage. It’s about building a connection with your audience and showcasing your values and vision in a way that resonates with them. Our Story Discovery workshop is designed to help you unearth the stories that matter most to your brand so you can turn them into web copy, blog articles, white papers, case studies or social media posts, as well as media stories.

You will get a customised 12-month plan providing you with a series of article ideas and angles suitable for media pitches, media releases and blogs, giving you everything you need to start sharing your brand stories with the world. For media stories, we provide recommendations on the media outlets. Story Discovery does not cover the writing of articles, but we are happy to carry out this work as an additional service.

Yes! We have many clients who have undertaken Story Discovery for a specific campaign. It is the ideal way to uncover the stories that will resonate with media and potential customers to raise visibility. A Story Discovery plan will not only help you uncover your stories, but it will also provide you with the ideas you need to share them effectively.

We provide a high-level recommendation on key search terms to help optimise blog articles. We strongly recommend undertaking a specific keyword research project to maximise the SEO power of your articles. Scope Communications provides a keyword research package and we’re happy to add this to your Story Discovery package. Find out more about Keyword Research here.